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Financial / Statutory Issues


In plain speak, ENTERPRISE SUSTAINABILITY is when an enterprise is able to operate and deliver its services and business results in and to varying degrees irrespective of macro or micro operating environment issues and challenges as it deals s with them in its strides on an ONGOING CONTINOUS BASIS so as to achieve PERPETUITY! In...

Financial / Statutory Issues


  Construction Equipment rental is when a cost is paid usually against a time period to have temporary custody and use of an equipment to achieve some predetermined construction project goal or milestone. Terms and conditions of use and return are usually agreed in advance as well as payment terms. The owner of the equipment...

Financial / Statutory Issues

The Importance of Maximizing Monthly Valuations On Your Construction Projects

Many projects fail to submit their monthly valuations on time or fail to claim all the revenue they are entitled to. This usually results in the contractor having a negative cash flow which impacts the company’s operations. Where possible the projects should maximize the revenue claimed in the monthly valuations by: Making sure that all...

Financial / Statutory Issues

Negative Cash Flow – the death for many Construction Companies

Negative cash flow probably causes more construction companies to run into financial trouble (leading to their closure) than any other cause. Even a profitable construction project can cause a company financial problem if the cash flow is negative. Negative cash flow is when the construction company is paying money to suppliers, equipment hire companies and...