What would you do if you had a Human Resources employee who could improve the company’s profit margins, positively impact the cost of goods sold, lower the day’s sales outstanding, and increase the earnings ratio while liquidating overhead costs to the business – and still deliver flawless transactional and traditional HR services? Cut low-margin clients, products, or services, and invest the saved time and money in higher-producing parts of yours presupposes that you have accurate and timely reporting that shows you which clients, products, or services produce what margins. Assuming that you do, review a “margin analysis” of your key products, services or customers to see which are most and least profitable. To maintain a healthy gross profit margin, you can either

(a) cut operating expenses

(b) raise the price of your products or services; or

(c) increase operational efficiency.

Cost reduction is the process used by companies to reduce their costs and increase their profits Depending on a company’s services or product, the strategies can vary. If you cut your marketing costs on your products or services that sell very well, you may cut yourself off from future profitable business. One should always be aware of the total amount of fixed overhead costs that a business incurs, so that management can plan to generate a sufficient amount of contribution margin from the sale of products and services to at least offset the amount of fixed overhead. Companies that sell both goods and services sometimes identify all expenses above the Gross Profit line as “Cost of Sales.”

Reducing the unit cost of products makes a business more profitable by widening the margin between what it costs to produce a product and what you can charge for it. You can reduce the unit cost of products by lowering your overhead cost per item, by paying less for rent and utilities or by increasing production volume so that you lessen the average overhead cost per unit. If your overhead costs are say 95% of your gross margin and you find say another 5% cost improvements, your #5 profit per item can significantly increase or nearly double to #9.75. This is not bad given that all you had to do was control spending while servicing the same number of customers with the same product. Your products or services with the highest gross profit margin are the most important to your business, as they generate more money.

Making your business more profitable involves looking at ways to increase sales revenue as well as decreasing your costs and benchmarking your business to see where you can save money. Do you want to reduce your company’s overhead costs, increase profits, and meet regulatory requirements at the same time? By knowing the total costs associated with the performing of the services offered or the products produced by the business, a sign professional can determine which are the most profitable. Notably, businesses that are involved in the production of goods and offering services can find quality information online that help them to save money because they can find low-cost suppliers by just comparing their costs online

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