In plain speak, ENTERPRISE SUSTAINABILITY is when an enterprise is able to operate and deliver its services and business results in and to varying degrees irrespective of macro or micro operating environment issues and challenges as it deals s with them in its strides on an ONGOING CONTINOUS BASIS so as to achieve PERPETUITY!

In management speak, ENTERPRISE SUSTAINABILITY is when an operational FRAMEWORK is
implemented – documented, supported and maintained by deliberate plans and objectives that are
monitored and measured at regular intervals to ensure that planned results are largely achieved on an
ONGOING CONTINOUS BASIS and largely in PERPETUITY to the satisfaction of all stakeholders- Founders,
Employees, Investors, Regulatory Authorities, Communities etc.!

In Nigeria Construction Industry the attrition rate is alarming, especially in the indigenous construction
sector where most companies ‘die’ within ONLY TWENTY YEARS (20). A twenty year enterprise is just
akin to a teenager! So most of them fall off the radar even before they begin to achieve ‘selfactualization’

The sad truth is that there are hardly no other set of people that work as hard as construction people;
they toil day and night, taking a lot of stress, work long hours, travel all over the place etc. trying to
deliver their projects all at the expense of their health, family time, relationships etc. and thus failing to
position in a sustainable manner is incalculable loss mainly to the promoters and employees and then
the society at large not to mention the instability that this brings by making employment migration rate

The average construction company promoter starts the company wearing several ‘hats’ with a lot of
energy and enthusiasm almost akin to weightlifting doing all things and running almost all errands and
as with all things, as success comes so does the feeling of invincibility forgetting that there is nature
always to contend with. When nature eventually begins to take its toll, the promoter then begins to
realise his fallibility and because the promoter does not know a course to take, frustrations begin to
creep in as all the SOP is mainly in the head undocumented and because he wore all the ‘hats’ even
though some people may have been employed they were never really given responsibilities along with
the authority required.

There could be no comparable emotional heartbreak than to see an enterprise into which a lot of toil
had been invested ‘evaporate’ before the eyes in a manner of speaking all gone with the wind. If
promoters and practitioners of construction companies were aware that there was indeed something
they could have done differently to guarantee that their enterprises be sustainable, no doubt they
would do it as this will guarantee income stream for them when they decide to retire and dividends for
their children and grandchildren when they are take the final call. On another hand they could even
have a company to sell out or cash out from!

The good news is that it is not difficult at all to achieve sustainability; it just requires mainly a paradigm
shift and the effort to and desire to see the process through and the insistence over a period to
guarantee its ‘curing’ from which deviation requires a deliberate effort to veer off course subsequently.
This has been our experience in Heights Access Nigeria Limited since we started in 2012 to implement
and build sustainable operations and management of our enterprise. Make no mistake about it,
achieving sustainability is not a magic bullet to achieving perpetuity as companies still must contend
with macro and micro economic environmental challenges, achieving sustainability just provides the
framework of weathering the storms that are always sure to come.

Doubts have often been expressed about how impossible it is to do this in Nigeria especially with the
challenges of human resource where ethics and capacity issues are undermining, where ease of doing
business issues will task the wits of the bravest etc. etc.

All the challenges notwithstanding, not to try should never be an option as the results of achieving
Sustainability and the promises it holds could only be but a just reward to all the SWEAT not to mention
financial investments.

Construction companies in Nigeria are invited to review our SPRINGBOARD Program and engage with us
at no cost whatsoever to get an agenda setting framework that prepares the grounds for their
enterprise sustainability quest SO THAT THY LABOUR MIGHT NEVER BE IN VAIN!
If Sustainable Companies are built by Human Beings then you too can if you value your toil and if you
desire to remain in the hearts of your children, their children and their own children for all times.

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