Steps To Take Following an Accident at the Jobsite

Construction worker has an accident while working on new house

On site accidents can be defined as an ”unplanned event that results in personal injury or property damage”. Many accidents may be attributed to some type of negligence and may involve unsafe work site conditions, improper use of tools and-or equipment, and lack of protective safeguards. Whatever variation of the definition you prefer, workplace accidents can be painful and costly for both employers and employees. While construction sites may appear to be dangerous, many of these accidents can be avoided through common sense and protective measures, however, in the cases where these accidents eventually happen, below are steps for employees of construction companies to follow to handle the situation.

  1. Checking yourself and others– The first and most important steps to follow after a work site injury is assessing and treating the damage. Your first instinct may be to aid others, but you must first check yourself. If you’re injured, you may be putting others at risk, should your condition worsen. Without putting yourself in any danger, check on the well-being of anyone else involved in the accident. Even if the injury seems minor, a medical professional should diagnose and treat the injury before the injured person attempts to return to work. A minor bump on the head could mask a concussion, or a bruised abdomen could be a sign of internal injuries.
  2. Call the Appropriate Authorities– The injured person absolutely must inform his supervisor or superior of the accident as soon as possible. In cases where the accident leads to serious life threatening injuries, the first step is to call an ambulance or the on site health personnel, seconds can be the difference between life or death in a significant accident. If you’re certified and feel comfortable doing so, administer first aid, if you are not, find someone who is. Do not attempt to provide first aid if it places you or anyone else at higher risk. it is also advisable to report the accident to the company’s workers’ compensation insurance provider as soon as possible. Although workers’ compensation insurance does provide a safeguard against most lawsuits, it is still very possible for an injured employee or family members of a deceased employee to bring suit against the employer.
  3. Secure and Manage Jobsite: If there is a medical emergency, call an ambulance immediately to get proper medical attention. After all medical issues are resolved, it is very important to gather and preserve as much evidence of the accident as possible. Nothing should be touched or tampered with after the accident. An investigation will take place after the incident. The scene must not be disturbed to ensure that the findings are accurate. If the victim is physically capable, he should make sure to record the significant aspects of the accident, including time, place, and potential causes. These records may be used later as evidence
  4. Hire an Experienced Law Firm: Securing a strong claim for workers’ compensation benefits or personal injury damages can be difficult. Although the injury may have clearly occurred as a result of workplace negligence, your employer may try to belittle your claim or flat out refuse benefits. This is why for cases of serious injury, it’s advised that you retain legal representation to help build and streamline your claim. And in the case of employers, hiring a construction law firm experienced with complex cases such as ones involving construction job site accidents can help you avoid costly lawsuits and may increase your chances of success should your case be brought to court.
  5. Have a plan and be prepared: To aid in educating your staff about workplace injuries, your company should create and post a written, 24-hour response plan for employees and supervisors to follow.  Training on the plan will build confidence for both employees and supervisors.

Construction injuries are so common due to the many hazards essential for worksite productivity. In addition to high-risk materials, electricity, and dangerous equipment, construction workers must also contend with the perilous effects of gravity and poorly trained co-workers. Providing a safe and healthy work environment is a very important part of your construction company’s daily operations. Though, despite your best efforts, accidents will and do happen and this is why it is important for employers and managers to know the appropriate measures to take when a job site accident occurs. Going forward we hope that these 5 steps helps you make the right decisions in the unfortunate case of onsite accidents and most of all Construction Companies should get the necessary insurance policies and make sure they are current at all times..

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